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How to use a Github Personal Access token for cloning a repo:

$ git clone

CloudFlare Tunnels And Multiple Accounts

Confirmed today that CloudFlare Tunnels supports multiple accounts on the same machine (in my case, a raspberry pi), but you need to setup each tunnel with separate auth/config/etc. i.e. Do the full cloudflared login loop for each account.

Multiple domains within a single account work fine with a single credentials setup.

It occurred to me this morning that any time you see “Smart X” you can replace “Smart” with “Ad-Infested”. Works for everything. Smart TV, Smart Fridge, Smart Watch, Smart Coffee Maker…

Bicycles over Bombs

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved computers and computer technology. Some of my earliest memories are sitting behind a glowing green or amber screen, marveling at what these machines could do.

During my teens and twenties I relished every new release, every new upgrade, every new feature (Linux! Warcraft! PDAs! Geocities! Slashdot!). Sometimes there were some rocky starts, but I believed computers made everything better! You could buy any book, immediately, and online, whenever you wanted (and then you could buy anything online)! You could meet new people, learn about everything, and laugh with your friends about dancing cats. It all seemed so hopeful, so promising; I was so optimistic.

In my early thirties I started to get less enthusiastic. More and more of the “new” stuff was getting bought up by huge corporations and either immediately shut down or neutered into a listless malaise. The frontier was being settled.

And then things really turned the corner, and suddenly every new piece of computer technology is a vessel for trading personal information for neuronic addition of some form.

And then social media came along, and destroyed the world in its wake.

These days, I find myself reading every new headline with skepticism, doubt, or dread. Cool new helpful device? Probably spying on us all or contributing to a new ecological disaster. Cool new piece of software? Probably comes at the cost of destroying something that was better so that the owner can sell more ads. New computer? More restrictive than the one that came before it.

Part of this is surely just getting older and being cynical, and perhaps a fair bit of rose-colored tint to the past. But even taking all that into consideration, it’s clear that computers have not only made the world better. In many ways, they’ve made it much worse. Powerful tools used to bring about the ends their masters desire.

At one point computers really were bicycles for the mind — tools that augmented us at a human scale. Today, too often, they are ICBMs of the mind — radical tools with intense power used to destroy us.

We need more bicycles, and fewer bombs.

One of the biggest scams has been people attributing fires to climate change when the real culprit is 100+ years of misguided fire management. Instead of actually fixing the problem with better policy, now we just blame it on climate change and throw our hands up, ensuring that the problem continues unabated.

Feels like my feeds have been drowning in pessimism this week. Deep, dark fatalism.

Got my PlayDate at the end of last week and spent the weekend working up a Blackjack game for it. This is my first time working in Lua, plus it’s a new platform, so there’s been a lot of learning.

If there’s any single takeaway so far, it’s that this platform is just so fun.

Was growing ever more frustrated by TimeMachine and mdsync slowing down my computer. Today I found Time Machine Editor, which lets you block out times that you don’t want TimeMachine to run. So now my computer isn’t going crazy for 15 minutes of every hour. Much better.

I think I finally figured out the source of one of my frustrations of setting up a complicated test context, like I’m trying to do for a project I’m currently working on, is that we spend all this effort in our codebase being sure that objects can only be created via our complicated logic paths (i.e. Service Objects, etc). But then for the test we go and manually set all this stuff up again. What I really want to do is setup my test context via the exact same code paths that will be used in production to set them up, so I get all the same side effects.

And I want the tests to be fast.

Adoration of Moloch permeates the country, imposing a hushed silence as he works his will. One cannot question his rites, even as the blood is gushing through the idol’s teeth.

Our Moloch, by Garry Wills

Most days Docker really feels like a tremendous step backward for software development.

Came across this library, via the GitHub command line tool, that offers support for in-terminal progress spinner style UI. The list of characters is this list is great, and useful for snagging into my own libraries.

What an absolutely horrific end to the Suns season. Abysmal.

Grand Seiko Snowflake. Finally got to see one in person. Incredible.

Alan Jacobs:

The older I get, the more common this experience becomes: finding that I am simply unable to read essays and articles on certain topics. I may, out of a sense of duty, begin to read something on these topics, but almost immediately my eyes begin to wander, or to glaze over. I strive to refocus; I re-read the same few sentences; but before long my mind has wandered elsewhere. Eventually I give up.

Me too.