The Green Shed

Got my PlayDate at the end of last week and spent the weekend working up a Blackjack game for it. This is my first time working in Lua, plus it’s a new platform, so there’s been a lot of learning.

If there’s any single takeaway so far, it’s that this platform is just so fun.

Was growing ever more frustrated by TimeMachine and mdsync slowing down my computer. Today I found Time Machine Editor, which lets you block out times that you don't want TimeMachine to run. So now my computer isn't going crazy for 15 minutes of every hour. Much better.

I think I finally figured out the source of one of my frustrations of setting up a complicated test context, like I’m trying to do for a project I'm currently working on, is that we spend all this effort in our codebase being sure that objects can only be created via our complicated logic paths (i.e. Service Objects, etc). But then for the test we go and manually set all this stuff up again. What I really want to do is setup my test context via the exact same code paths that will be used in production to set them up, so I get all the same side effects.

And I want the tests to be fast.

Adoration of Moloch permeates the country, imposing a hushed silence as he works his will. One cannot question his rites, even as the blood is gushing through the idol’s teeth.

Our Moloch, by Garry Wills

Most days Docker really feels like a tremendous step backward for software development.

Came across this library, via the GitHub command line tool, that offers support for in-terminal progress spinner style UI. The list of characters is this list is great, and useful for snagging into my own libraries.

What an absolutely horrific end to the Suns season. Abysmal.

Grand Seiko Snowflake. Finally got to see one in person. Incredible.

Alan Jacobs:

The older I get, the more common this experience becomes: finding that I am simply unable to read essays and articles on certain topics. I may, out of a sense of duty, begin to read something on these topics, but almost immediately my eyes begin to wander, or to glaze over. I strive to refocus; I re-read the same few sentences; but before long my mind has wandered elsewhere. Eventually I give up.

Me too.

Photos of the debris left over from the Mars Perseverence landing, taken by the Ingenuity helicopter. Amazing!

I wonder what would happen if players had to call their own fouls in NBA games, like we did at recess growing up.