The Green Shed

Read this post today on Kottke, which is mostly commentary around this twitter thread.

One quote toward the end stood out:

The idea that we can live with Covid WITHOUT any mitigation measures and expect things to turn out ok (both for individuals and as a society) is a lie.

The thing is, we have the best mitigation measure we can get: vaccines. It isn't going to get better than this, and human beings have already stretched themselves as far as is possible with quarantines and the like.

SARS-Cov-2 is here to stay. Get vaccinated, and get back to life.

This is an absolutely magnificent thread by Yishan Wong on the challenges faced by anyone who wants to run a large social platform of any kind (or wants to pass regulation).

Bottom line: the Problem is Human Nature.

Been working near/with Terraform at work lately, and while I understand what it's doing in the end, I still haven't wrapped my head around how it gets that done.

Weather Line, the best weather app for iOS by far, is now a week out from shutting down.

I've tried a bunch of other weather apps and widgets since the announcement, and while there are a lot of good ones out there, I've found nothing as good as Weather Line, which has been perfect for me.


Came upon this story today:

Which led me to search for the album on Apple music.

It's great!

The Spirit of the Internet is still alive and well out there, if a bit underground these days.