The Green Shed

AirPods Pro II

I got the first generation of AirPods Pro shortly after they came out, and I've loved them. They're super small and portable, and while the noise cancelling isn't quite up to the level of my Bose QC 35s, they are so light and easy to transport that I often grab them instead.

Unfortunately, my pair have been subject to the crackle of doom for a while now, and over the last few weeks it's gotten noticibly worse.

It being Christmas time, I opted to get myself a little gift, and bought the second generation AirPods Pro — and they're really great!

The noise cancellation in these is so good it feels like magic. The first generation ANC was great, especially for something so small. But it's blown away by the new AirPods. I can have my music paused in the gym and it feels nearly silent. They're amazing.

The new volume gesture on the "stick" is almost worth the upgrade on its own. I was always annoyed to have to reach for my phone to adjust the volume, but I didn't realize just how often I was doing that until I had an alternative. The gesture feels natural, it works every time, and it really makes the experience of wearing the AirPods feel better.

The next big test will be wearing them during a flight. Typcially, I travel with my bulky QC 35s beacuse the quieting is so good, but with these new AirPods I think I can get away with leaving them at home.

All in all, this has been a really great upgrade! Highly recommended.