The Green Shed

I ❤️ The Web

Jamie Zawinski celebrated 25 years of this week, and there was an article about the Netscape Meteors Throbber which made the rounds as well. Reflecting on it all reminded me of how special a time those early web days were, but also how much I really love the web, even after all these years.

So much has moved to mobile apps these days, and while I've worked on plenty of those, and I'm proud of the work I've done, the web is my true love.

The freedom to do whatever you want, the ability to view your work just about anywhere, the openness of View Source, all with no gatekeepers — it's incredible.

I love being able to make a change to a website and deploy that change in seconds. No review, no 30% tax.

Your ideas, a blank canvas, and infinite possibility. It's a world unlike any other these days, and I don't take it for granted.

New platforms will come and go. The web will always have my heart.